Property Law

Buying or selling a home or investment property? Kaur Legal conveyancing team is here to assist you. We understand that a lot is at stake during a property transaction and give you the closest attention and quality service.

Ready to buy your property?

Get your property contract reviewed. It is prudent to have your purchase contract reviewed as it generally favours the seller. From reviewing your details, conditional dates, and highlighting risks to suggesting amendments and communicating changes to the agent, we go the extra mile for your purchase.

Are you selling your property? You need a solicitor.

When selling a property either through an agent or privately, you can appoint us to prepare your contract of sale. When you opt to have your own contract of sale, you can decide what is included as part of the sale, the timeframes for the contract and what information you want to disclose.

Off the plan purchase

When purchasing off the plan, it is essential to engage a solicitor to review the intricacies of the contract. The property doesn’t yet have a separate title, and the seller is obligated to disclose information to the buyer. If they fail to do so, the contract can be terminated or delayed. We make sure you are clear about your rights and obligations under the contract. Our services help you avoid additional costs and delays resulting from oversight.

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