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Kaur Legal is a law firm in Sydney. We work by your side, always striving for the best result for you. Our team is results-oriented, vibrant & respectful and values excellence, attention to detail, hard work & ingenuity.

Our expertise at Kaur Legal lies within Criminal Law. Our expert Solicitors will provide timely and accurate advice and stand by you throughout the entire process. We also practice in a range of other areas, including assisting you in any family, business, property matters.
Whenever you need us, we are here for you.

Our Values


We aim to deliver intelligent and strategic solutions to life’s legal problems.

We know that all legal issues are different, and we take the time to understand the intricacies of your problem and focus on deriving strategic solutions that work in your favour.


Thinking outside the box is a strong trait of our team, offering practical, innovative, solution-focused advice.

We harbour a culture of innovation, empowering all our people to contribute. We value new, innovative solutions and ideas and leap to implement them for continuous improvement.


No matter how complex your matter is, we work tirelessly to achieve results that matter to you.

We always focus on the end goal, keep our eye on the ball and stay steadfast on the path that will get us there. Successful representation of our clients drives us.

Tejinder Kaur - Kaur Legal

Tejinder Kaur

principal Solicitor


Tejinder, the Principal Solicitor of Kaur Legal, has been practising as a Solicitor in Australia since 2015. She graduated from Law School at Guru Nanak Dev University in 2009 with first-class honours.

Upon her migration to Australia in 2011, Tejinder, a passionate lawyer, sought to be admitted to Australia. Shortly thereafter she was enrolled in Dip in Law at LPAB, completed her GDLP and was admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Over the next four years, she gained extensive experience in Property Law, Commercial Law, General Litigation, Dispute Resolution and Family Law.

Tejinder found Kaur Legal in 2019 and is proud to have assisted over 1,300 clients within three years of opening the firm. She is a highly motivated individual driven to achieve extraordinary, often out-of-the-box results for her clients.

Tejinder is a seasoned Solicitor who understands the delicacy of each case and tailors legal advice accordingly. She strives to deliver exceptional service to ensure clients are beyond satisfied with their service.

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Our lawyers seek to continually improve their skills and approach to deliver legal advice suited for today.